As a company Ethical Investment Advisers (EIA) likes to walk the talk and we have taken the decision to use some of the profits from our company to help improve the environment and help in a socially responsible manner.

logo-bushBush Heritage Australia

To that end EIA has made a donation to the Bush Heritage Australia (BHA) to help it buy land with high conservation values and then to look after that land. BHA now has almost 1 million hectares of land purchased and being protected.

BHA also has partnerships with other landowners who want to preserve the environmental values of their land and this represents another 2.5 million hectares of land under protection.


The group also works with indigenous groups to help conserve aboriginal lands and help to indigenous groups acquire more land with conservation values. The long term goal of BHA is to protect 7 million hectares of Australia by the year 2025.

The group survives on individual and corporate donations, volunteers and bequests. Any donation over $2.00 can be claimed as a tax deduction.

You can find out about BHA on their website

Good Return

We have also made some loans to women in the Asia Pacific who are trying to start up small businesses. The loans have been made through an organisation called Good Return (GR).

The organisation sources women looking for assistance to set small businesses and ‘investors’ who will give them micro-finance to get started. Many of the loans can be under $100 and in many cases there might be 4 or 5 donors who will make up the loan.

The group also helps educate the women, so that they develop skills to run a business, some are unable to read or write and are not numerate, so GR help them with basic literacy and numeracy, budgeting etc. GR also arrange vocational training so that woman can learn new skills and new ways to potentially earn money.



We have helped 6 women; 2 are from Nepal, 1 from the Philippines, 2 are from East Timor and 1 is from Tonga. You can also make donations to assist others to earn an income, and donations over $2.00 can be claimed as a tax deduction.

EIA thought that by making it a loan, the money can be recycled over and over again and help far more people over time. Good returns goal for 2012 is connect Australian women (and men too) to share their good fortune with other poor women in the Asia Pacific area. It has been found by micro-finance companies over time that women taking loans are more likely to repay them and the money will be used for purpose.

If you want to find out more about Good Return the website is:

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