As a company Ethical Investment Advisers (EIA) likes to walk the talk and we have taken the decision to use some of the profits from our company to help improve the environment and help in a socially responsible manner.

Causes we Support

Corena Fund

Community organisations apply for zero-interest loans to pay for projects such as installing solar panels and improving energy efficiency. The resultant savings on energy/fuel bills cover the loan repayments into the revolving fund, ie. reducing their carbon footprint at no cost to themselves. To help reduce emissions immediately, EIA has donated to help fund these projects.

Good Return

We have also made some loans to women in the Asia Pacific who are trying to start up small businesses. The loans have been made through Good Return (GR). The organisation sources women looking for assistance to set small businesses and ‘investors’ who will give them micro-finance to get started.  We have helped 6 women; 2 are from Nepal, 1 from the Philippines, 2 are from East Timor and 1 is from Tonga.  EIA thought that by making it a loan, the money can be recycled over and over again and help far more people over time.

Market Forces

Market Forces work with the community to prevent investment in projects by institutions that would harm the environment and drive global warming.

Great Barrier Reef Legacy

A not-for-profit organisation to deliver groundbreaking projects, innovative research and inspiring educational content to engage the public, support science and accelerate actions vital to the preservation of coral reefs.

Bush Heritage Australia logo-bush

To that end EIA has made a donation to the Bush Heritage Australia (BHA) to help it buy land with high conservation values and then to look after that land. BHA now has almost 1 million hectares of land purchased and being protected.

BHA also has partnerships with other landowners who want to preserve the environmental values of their land and this represents another 2.5 million hectares of land under protection.

Sisters Inside

Sisters Inside is an independent community organisation based in Queensland, which advocates for the collective human rights of women and girls in prison, and their families, and provides services to address their individual needs.

Cubberla-Witton Catchments Network  

(CWCN) was established in 1999 as a volunteer organization focused on the re-establishment and maintenance of ecologically healthy catchments.  EIA donated 500 trees as part of Ethical Investment Week 2020 at the tree planting morning.

Fuel for Change

FFC is a non-profit that makes alliances with small to medium-sized retail businesses and secures funds monthly for a variety of significant humanitarian projects ranging from orphanage and disaster relief missions, medical and rehabilitation services, to wilderness and nature education programs.

EIA have provided 70 stoves to a Bangladesh Slum Community through Fuel For Change.

Queensland Conservation Council

QCC works with conservationists across the state by advocating solutions to government, engaging with the community and informing through the media, to holg government and companies to account for keeping their environmental commitments and ensuring their activities don’t damage nature or the climate.

We specialise in providing ethical investment advice to socially-conscious investors throughout Australia.


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