As a group, we are doing our bit for the environment including:

Energy Saving

We offset carbon from cars, airfares and office heating/cooling with Greenfleet. We recently received the ‘Huon Award’ for the continuos support of carbon offsetting through Greenfleet.

We also use solar hot water, solar panels, low energy lights and insulation to reduce our energy consumption. We also buy green power and have planted trees on the western side of our offices to reduce heat.

Environmental Impact

We lower our environmental impact by using recycled envelopes and paper, use scrap paper for internal printing, double-sided printing for report printing and use E-mail as much as possible internally and in communication with our clients. We also provide showers and changing rooms for staff to promote riding or walking to work and all of our staff work close to or at home to reduce travelling.


We recycle all of our waste paper, plastics and metals and recycle food waste as compost.

Water Saving

We use water tanks and low water use toilets and showers to reduce our water usage. We also recycle grey water and use mulching to reduce water loss in our gardens.

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