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All of our advisers are passionate about helping you invest your money ethically. We specialise in ethical investment.
Our qualifications include Certification in Ethical Investment by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia and Certified Financial Planners™(CFP).

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Ethical Investment Advisers is made up of four financial planners: Louise Edkins, Karen McLeod, Hope Evans and Terry Pinnell. Originally from traditional financial planning backgrounds, we all realised that we wanted to help our clients invest their money ethically, whilst still receiving a solid return.

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Our Environmental Practices

As a group, we are doing our bit for the environment. We have practices in place to reduce our environmental impact including energy saving, recycling and water saving.

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As a company Ethical Investment Advisers (EIA) likes to walk the talk and we have taken the decision to use some of the profits from our company to help improve the environment and help in a socially responsible manner.

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We specialise in providing ethical investment advice to socially-conscious investors throughout Australia.


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