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The Age of Artificial Intelligence – the solutions and challenges of this technology


The past few months have seen a rise in artificial intelligence (AI) news and interest, positively impacting global markets. There are plenty of concerned voices for AI and, on the other side, plenty of those that see the incredible potential, and are more optimistic about the risks.

AI is steering in a new era of global innovation. From powering human ingenuity to counter the spread of infectious diseases, to building smart cities and revolutionizing analytics for all industries.

EIA shares with you some of the ethical impacts and concerns of AI on investments.

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The unexpected benefits of inflation on climate and equity


Following a general easing of the Covid pandemic, the world markets entered a new pandemic of drastically high inflation.

While inflation is obviously not something to celebrate, some emerging sustainability trends are worth a closer look.

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Lights, Camera, Climate Action: The Silver Screen and Ethical Investing with Mark Forstmann – Independent Investment Analyst


Mark Forstmann has two careers, one in film and one in investment. Mark is an Independent Investment Analyst and is currently a member of our Ethical Advisers Funds Management (EAFM) Investment Committee.

Mark recently featured in the valuable and insightful podcast, The Green Dream, hosted by EIA Financial Planner James Baird. This podcast is absolutely worth a listen. Mark discusses current company examples within our Ethical Investment Mid-Cap Portfolio, – Calix, Megaport and NextDC.

Mark has also written and produced a new film Climate Changers, which follows Tim Flannery’s search for leadership on climate change.  In it, Tim travels the world meeting leaders past and present in the hope of finding answers to his questions about the future.  It is currently being screened at selected film festivals, with a full release in September/October this year.

Rachel’s Farm – One woman’s journey from ecological despair to finding hope in the soil beneath her feet.


As part of Rachel Ward’s Q&A cinema tour for her new film (doco) – Rachel’s Farm, one of our clients has organised two film nights at Noosa & Pomona this month (August).

About the film:
Film director and actor Rachel Ward is not the first person you’d expect to join a farming revolution.  In this triumphant film, director and actress Rachel Ward voyages from her own wilful ignorance about the ecological impacts of conventional agriculture, to championing a movement to restore the health of our farmland, food and climate.

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👉🏼 Pomona Noosa

More than a film, Rachel’s Farm is the entry point into a growing movement of people and readily available solutions that are working to support farmers and regenerate our soils, food and climate systems.

APRA strengthens super fund ESG responsibilities


EIA welcomes The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority’s (APRA) clarification that they expect super funds to demonstrate an understanding of ESG risks and opportunities in investment activities and demonstrate how stewardship activities generate value in investments.

What this means?

APRA now formally links ESG considerations and investment philosophy. Trustees are expected to consider ESG factors, including climate change risk, when setting, implementing and monitoring the investment strategy and as part of investment risk management.

Trustees are expected to establish or review ESG beliefs/philosophy and ensure ESG risk is integrated into the investment strategy process.  Climate risk should also be considered in investment risk and climate change scenarios should be incorporated into stress testing and scenario analysis.

By making these significant changes, APRA seeks to ensure trustees focus on Social and Environmental risks within their investments to drive more robust governance of fund investments and ensure trustees put the best financial interests of their members at the centre of investment strategies and decisions.



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