Ethical investors want transparency and control of their investments. They want to know how their money is affecting the environment or society in a negative or positive way.


Our clients are a diverse group of people from a range of backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common; they all want to ensure that their money is helping, rather than harming, the environment and society, while making a competitive return.


Ethical investors don’t want to support companies which are involved in unethical practices. But often it is hard to know which companies should be avoided. We can help you invest your money ethically.

Financial and Ethical Insights

Open Communication

Regular information about financial performance

Specialist Investment Advice

Including shares, bonds, managed funds, term deposits and other securities values.

Model Portfolio

Provides investors with access to Australian listed companies which suit their ethical values

Double-Edged Power

Ethical investors realise the double-edged power that their investments can have to change companies for the better. This is done through both actively investing in companies they believe in, as well as withdrawing support from companies involved in harmful and unsustainable practices.


Looking for a positive change?


Your Money, Your Choice

Many people make consumer choices based on their ethics (free-range eggs, fair-trade coffee) but may not be aware that they can make the same choices within their superannuation and investments.

We specialise in providing ethical investment advice to socially-conscious investors throughout Australia.


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