We can help make sure your money isn’t harming or polluting the environment


If you are a standard superannuation investor, your super fund is likely to be invested in the largest 50 Australian share companies. This list includes BHP Billiton, Santos, Woodside Petroleum, and Rio Tinto. These companies have significant coal, petroleum and uranium interests. Are these the sorts of companies you want to support?


Our clients prefer to avoid investing in companies which are doing harm to the environment and invest in companies which have a positive environmental impact. Our clients invest in companies which are involved in renewable energy, recycling, waste management and energy efficiency.

Are environmental issues important to you?

Tailored Solutions

We recommend investments that suit your specific needs

Invest Your Way

Your investment, your choice. We ask you about your goals, risk tolerance and ethical values first

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You can select from secure government-backed investments to speculative company shares

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Our clients are a diverse group of people from a range of backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common; they all want to ensure that their money is helping, rather than harming, the environment and society, while making a competitive return. Our clients know that they need ethical investment advice so their superannuation and investments don’t contradict the issues and values that they hold dear.

We can help you make sure that your money isn’t harming or polluting the environment


Why Select Ethical Investment Advisers

Specialist Advice

Investments that suit your financial goals

Integration & Flexibility

Intergrate your ethical values with your financial goals


Shares, bonds, managed funds, term deposits & other securities.

Peace of mind

We operate with diligence, integrity & competence

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We place your interests first at all times.

A Passionate Team

Our team is passionate about ethical investment

We are pleased to know that we are limiting our exposure to, and therefore our contamination from, profits derived from the unethical and unsustainable practices of many of Australia’s biggest companies.

Dr J Ratcliffe

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