Ethical Investment Managed Portfolios

Ethical Advisers Funds Management are passionate about offering ethical investment choices to all investors. We believe that everyone should be able invest according to their values.

Our vision is to help all investors incorporate their values with their investment objectives. By integrating the social, environmental and financial aspects of an investment, we believe that a more sustainable investment return is possible.






Our Portfolios 

Growth Portfolio

Fixed Income Portfolio

Mid-Cap Portfolio

Large-Cap Portfolio

We avoid investments in

Heavy Polluters





Human Abuse



Fossil Fuels

We select investments in

Clean Energy



Aged Care

Energy Efficiency


Clean Transport

Responsible Banking


Why Invest with Us? 

Specialists – Ethical Advisers Funds Management are expertly qualified to construct portfolios designed to meet ethical needs while generating a strong return, and have been doing so since 2004. All underlying investment managers are specialists in sustainable or ethical investing, are all approved by Lonsec with an average rating of ‘Recommended’, and are also highly rated by the Ethical Adviser’s Co-Operative.

Unique Offering – This is a first of its kind managed portfolio, providing access to investments which are actively making a positive contribution to a sustainable future.

Meets Demand and Expectations – According to RIAA*, 9 in 10 Australians expect their money to be managed with social and environmental impacts taken into consideration. This is a true-to-label portfolio that provides full transparency of holdings and which meets the expectations of the average ethically aware investor.

Future Proof Investments – Excluding investments in areas such as oil and coal, and targeting investments in emerging areas in sustainable technology, healthcare and renewable energy will help future proof your portfolio.


How can I invest?

The Ethical Investment Managed Portfolios are currently available in superannuation and investment on a variety of platforms including Hub24 and Praemium.

If you are interested in investing, please speak to your financial adviser, or Contact Us today so we can give you more information and help you decide whether or not the portfolio is appropriate for you.


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