Ethical Investment Advisers awarded Financial Standard Power 50

Financial Standard Power 50    

The 50 most influential financial advisers in Australia


  Ethical Investment Advisers is proud to have 2 of their advisers, Karen McLeod & James Baird awarded the 2019 Financial Standard (FS) Power 50.

David Rae another Ethical Investment Special Adviser also made the 2019 FS Power 50 list.  David, Karen and James are part of the Ethical Advisers Co-operative Australia, an Australia wide group that assist Australians to reflect their values in their investments.

‘Having three ethical investment adviser specialists awarded the FS Power 50, shows that ethical investment specialists are at the pinnacle of the financial planning profession’, said Louise Edkins director of Ethical Investment Advisers.

The Power50 are a league of financial advice experts, who are out there in the community as catalysts of change, in regular dialogue with their peers and the wider industry.  Being one of the Power50 is a privilege and a responsibility to continue to help Australians enjoy better financial outcomes in their lives.

Ethical Investment Advisers

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