Ethical Investment Advisers

For investors, society & the environment


Heavy Polluters



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Human Abuse




Fossil Fuels


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Clean Energy



Aged Care

Energy Efficiency


Clean Transport

Responsible Banking


What we can do for you

We can provide a detailed review of your existing investments so you can see whether or not your investments suit your ethical values. We also continue to review the ongoing appropriateness of the investments in your portfolio in regards to your ethical values as well as your financial goals.

Together, we will design a tailored financial plan to meet your individual needs and objectives. We will then keep you on track to reach your goals by regularly reviewing your financial plan.

Who are we?

Ethical Investment Advisers can help you to invest your money according to your ethical values. Operating for over 10 years, our directors were the pioneers of ethical investment in Australia. We continue to innovate and create ethical investment solutions. We can help you to invest in robust ethical investments, including ethical shares, ethical superannuation or setting up your own ethical self-managed superannuation fund.

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