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Growth in sustainable investing


Sustainable investments, broadly defined, have more than doubled in volume over the last five years.   This represents a significantly large opportunity for meeting the dual goals of risk-adjusted financial return and environmental protection.

Positive tailwinds identified

Regulatory developments

  • Paris agreement for 1.5oC
  • EU Green Deal – reduce CO2e emissions by 55% by 2030.
  • EU, UK, Japan – net zero by 2050
  • China – net zero by 2060
  • U.S. – New goal of 100% power demand met through zero emission energy sources

Market forces

  • New installation costs for renewable energy are becoming cheaper than fossil fuel-based options
  • Plant-based meat market: Forecast to reach $74.2bn by 2027
  • Electric vehicle sales rose 40% in 2019 (2% all car sales), and forecast to comprise 32% by 2030.


Source: Global Sustainable Investment Alliance and BetaShares

Climate bill gets backing from industry groups

The Morrison government was urged by major industry groups and investors to give popular draft climate change legislation from the independent MP Zali Steggall a chance at becoming law during a parliamentary inquiry.  Steggall’s bill would set out a pathway to reach net zero and establish an independent climate change commission to oversee annual climate risk assessments with the opportunity to Build Back Better.

We believe that innovative ideas, placing sustainability as a central pillar in establishing risk frameworks and fiscal policy will be critical to “Build Back Better” .  For example in Northern Spain, the local government has signed a partnership with the UCL’s Institute for Innovation & Public Purpose (IIPP) to explore a sustainable way out from the COVID-19 crisis, with work so far focused on identifying which companies can be considered aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (“UN SDGs”), and thus be entitled to tax credits after being certified as such.

The Guardian

Solutions to environmental challenges

Fund managers we invest in identify strong demand globally for structural and cost-efficient solutions to environmental challenges across Energy, Water, Food, and Waste.  One particular fund manger we invest in has identified solutions for preserving biodiversity as one of many opportunities of interest.

A deep dive into the ‘Blue Economy’ which is worth trillions of dollars and includes a rich palette of resources, providing jobs, livelihoods and food security can be a source of great investment opportunity.   At stake are tangible ‘blue resources’ such as fish stocks and deep sea oil, but also intangibles such as coastal ways of life and carbon sequestration.
Some of the companies being targeted are leading the field of the sustainable use of ocean resources through a focus on energy transition, environmental protection and equality and inclusive growth.  This will help advance the fight against climate change and ensure that the oceans can continue to function as a sink for carbon emissions.

source: BNP Paribas

Singing Up Spirit of the Land exhibition

Artworks included in Singing Up Spirit of the Land exhibition
Artist Jo Fay Duncan

Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland
March 28 to May 9, opening night 6pm March 26, 2021

Uncle Bob Distinguished Ngugi elder and Quandamooka Traditional Owner (Dr. Robert Anderson OAM) is the focus of art exhibition Singing Up Spirit of the Land.  Contemporary digital and painted portrait work capture not just likeness of the elder, but spiritual meaning behind sand minings end on Minjerribah, North Stradbroke Island in 2019, a result of native title determinations granted to the Quandamooka peoples in 2011. The integrity of these artworks are testament to an enduring relationship between Aboriginal elder Uncle Bob Anderson and artist Jo Fay Duncan identifies as an ecological artist who is second generation Scot, residing on Quandamooka Country.

The painting in the background depicts him walking Country once more and the swirling spirit of the land beneath and behind him. This painting recognises Uncle Bob’s role in making Native Title happen and celebrates this momentous occasion in Australia’s post-colonial history.

Whilst deeply embedded in a local narrative, these works conceptually concern global issues of earths continued exploitation through extractive processes like mining, its redress and rejuvenation. It experiments with inter-cultural collaboration and finds common ground in our collective relationship to the Land.

Link to interview

Artists websites

Biography of Uncle Bob Anderson

Progress on Ethical Investment Week – Tree Planting morning

Although things have been a bit tough Cubberla Witton have managed to keep up some supplementary watering and weeding and all in all, the site is progressing well at Handel Street Park.

Anyone interested in checking out the site is welcomed.

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