Model Portfolio Performance – August 2017

Ethical Investment Mid-Cap Model Portfolio update

The Ethical Investment Mid-Cap Model Portfolio saw a moderate return of 0.38% during the month of August. The Model Portfolio continues to outperform the overall market since its inception, with a return of 7.80% per annum.

During the month we added Auswide Bank and Pyrolyx AG to the portfolio.

Auswide Bank has been in operation for over 50 years. The bank plays an active part in the communities they serve and have built their reputation around a true community banking philosophy. Auswide is committed to initiatives that support sustainable energy use and the environment. They also specifically avoid financing companies involved in coal and coal seam gas.

Pyrolyx AG is a German company that has developed a specialised process that transforms waste tyres into high-grade, valuable raw materials, primarily recovered Carbon Black. Pyrolyx provides a sustainable, economic and environmentally friendly solution to the serious and growing global problem of disposing of end-of-life tyres.

Carbon Black is essentially pure elemental carbon in the form of microscopic particles. Its physical appearance is that of black, finely divided pellets or powder. Carbon Black is used in the manufacture of tyres and other industrial rubber products, as well as plastics and pigments.

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